The First Congregational United Church of Christ (DeWitt, Iowa) Podcast

Episode 18: Be the Church: Love God

August 2, 2020

This week on the podcast: We start with our worship service for August 2, 2020, continuing our Be the Church series with a sermon about loving God. Then, Pastor Chris talks about a metaphor he used in the sermon—that being a Christian is more like joining the Peace Corps than having a Netflix account—and applies that to church membership.

Worship starts at about 1:25. Scripture is at about 4:10, sermon at about 6:30, and prayer at around 17:30. Pastor Chris's additional segment is at about 20:35.

We are back for in-person services at 9:30 on Sunday morning! We meet in the parking lot over AM radio. Sit in your car and listen, or bring a lawn chair and portable radio (and please wear a mask and keep a healthy distance). You can also find our prerecorded video services on our website:

The scripture reading this week was Deuteronomy 6:1-9. That link will take you to the NRSV version of the reading.

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